As long as you don't break the law, you can still buy it, because many countries now ban the import of 100cm sex dolls, because they are worried that children will be hurt, but more than 140cm can still be purchased. Many people are worried about whether the courier or neighbor knows what they bought after the purchase? Or if you are not at home, will the big box people be curious? These problems are actually thought in many people's minds. If you are worried that the package sent to your home (apartment) is too big, it will attract the attention of others. You can write your own site. The package does not show what you have purchased, the courier does not know, the neighbor does not know. Another question is, is it a kind of 'metamorphic' behavior when I buy sex dolls? No, I can be absolutely sure that this is not a metamorphosis. There are many reasons for buying sex dolls, and it is impossible to completely deny that these are "perverted" behaviors. Some are because of the sexual desire to satisfy, it is really a good way to find sex dolls when looking for sex workers; some don't dare to communicate with others, but they want to try to have sex, so buying sex dolls can be more experienced; some are because The other half died, filled with the pain in my heart, etc. Are these all abnormal behaviors? If you want to buy sex dolls, I can recommend this one: ulovesexdoll This month, there are some doll discounts, and the discounted price is much more cost-effective than the original price. Some prices are even cheaper than Amazon, and the quality is quite good, suitable for some people with a fixed salary.